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Friday, May 24, 2019

Still a Sucker for the Kindle Fire 6

At $15, I just had to replace the one that fell off the motorcycle. I just love the screen size and sturdiness of the device. As such, now I need to root the sucker in order to get rid of ads and install Google Play.
I enabled ADB through Device Options | Tap Serial # several times | Enable ADB; however, when I ran "adb devices" from a command prompt on Windows 10, the device listed as offline. Curious, I looked at the task manager to see where ADB.exe was running from. Lo and behold it is running from c:/adb.exe.
Now, I don't think that is the right adb.exe, so I delete it and find one under C:\Users\[me]\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools.
I start that up and toggle the Enable ADB on the Kindle Fire.
Wallah. The device is now on-line, so I can try the invaluable advice presented at bilal.eltayara.net/blog/2015/07/23/unlock-full-android-power-to-your-amazon-fire-hd-6/

Links to files needed

  • kindle-fire-updates.s3.amazonaws.com/update-kindle-
  • github.com/bil-t/fire-hd6-android
  • docs.google.com/uc?id=0B5VDSXB6iXSmTEQ3cnljNzJhZk0&export=download
  • SuperUser
  • TWRP apk for flashing recovery
  • Pico GAPPS
  • Desktop Flasher instead of TWRP

  • Unformatted excerpt from Bilal's blog

    Install Fire OS 4.5.3: Download the 4.5.3 firmware and the apk files Connect the tablet to computer and run the command adb reboot recovery Use volume keys and power button to navigate to Apply update from ADB From the computer type adb sideload update-kindle- From tablet select wipe data/factory reset From tablet select reboot system Complete setup (do not connect to a wifi network yet) Root the device: Install KingRoot and JmzFireHDTool: adb install KingRoot- adb install JmzFireHDTool_v4.apk Temporarily disable otaverify via adb adb shell pm block com.amazon.otaverifier Connect to wifi and open KingRoot on your tablet Press “try to root” Re-enable otaverifier adb shell pm unblock com.amazon.otaverifier Open JMZ Fire Tools and press Disable OTA's and Disable Ads (most importantly do not install Google apps from JMZ) Install a custom recovery: Install TWRP Manager adb install com.jmz.soft.twrpmanager- Install TWRP: Run TWRP Manager and give it superuser access when prompted. Say yes if it prompt to apply patch. Tap top-left of screen for slide-out menu and select Install TWRP. Confirm Device Name shows “ariel” and then tap Install Recovery. At warning screen, tap yes. Download the following to Fire’s Download folder (or download to computer and copy to Download folder). 4.5.4 update zip SuperSU update zip Pico GAPPS Update to 4.5.4 Turn off wifi. Boot to TWRP: Power off tablet. Hold down power and volume-up buttons at same time until you see “Amazon,” then release. Install the 4.5.4 update: Tap Install Navigate to Download folder and tap the zip (twrp_ready_update-kindle …) and swipe “swipe to confirm flash.” Tap Home and install the SuperSU update zip. Tap Reboot system. Boot to TWRP Install the GAPPS zip Wipe cache/dalvik and reboot system. Open JMZ Fire Tools and check if Disable OTA's and Disable Ads should be re-enabled. Now open Play Store and sign in. Everything should work now! (When prompted to update store and/or services. Say yes.)

    Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    Fix Scanner Failure Message on HP Officejet 4500 printer

    After buying $50 worth of ink, my HP Officejet 4500 printer threw up a "Scanner Failure" error, rendering it useless. I took it out back to "fix it", but then decided to fix it. Basically, I had to remove the cover, the glass and then lift up the scanner bar and plop it back down on the track. Here are the visuals of that process.