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Monday, December 22, 2014

Eclipse Juno and the Android Dev Tool Kit Error

Using the Android SDK manager in Eclipse, I updated my installation with Android SDK 24.0.2. Upon restart, a message warned that the SDK requires the next iteration of the Android ADT plugin. Installing new software through the Help option will not work unless you first uninstall the current ADT plugin through Help > About Eclipse > Installation details. See the screen shot below.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Notes on Security Panel

In November, I attended a Security Panel hosted by Tech in Motion in Santa Monica, CA. The following are notes to myself


  • Spokeo
  • Card
  • Gem
  • "If a product is free, then you are the product."

    "Apple is good at changing consumer behavior."

    "Credit card fees are high because of the inherent risk of using them."

    Bitcoin is peer to peer

    Credit card (magnetic) vs cell phone(trust chip).


    One time pad

    "People, process, technology."

    Encrypt in transport vs securing data at rest

    Box vs DropBox

    Two factor authentication

    PCI vs HIPPA

    Bitcoin is decentralization

    SpiderOnFire is dead drops and dead letter boxes in the sky.

    About the data

    Big data brokers

    Widespread Augmented Reality uses disposable anonymous handles stored in your head and messages embedded in image files.

    Tuesday, December 2, 2014

    Custom Android Image Button with Animation

    If using an image button with a custom background, then the usual touch animation is lost. In order to affect an animation upon touch or click, I created one custom_background.xml that references two backgrounds: a touched background and a default background.

    Default background XML in drawable folder (rect_drawable.xml):

    Touched background XML in drawable folder (rect_drawable2.xml):

    This is the background referenced on each button (custom_back.xml):

    The image button's XML would look like this: