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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

JSON array to PHP with FOR LOOP

Here's an example of the input JSON array:

"dateCreated":"2015-07-09 19:38:46","dateModified":"2016-04-15 15:02:00",

Here is the PHP that will pull out the first 3 records of the tags JSON array. I realize that it would be better to create a PHP array for tags instead

foreach ($tagsarray as $tags) {
            for ($i=1; $i<4; $i++) {
             ${'tagid'.$i} = $tags->id;
             ${'tagname'.$i} = $tags->name;
               ${'taggroup'.$i} = $tags->group;
           //echo "tagname1: ".$tagname1."tagname2: ".$tagname2."tagname3: ".$tagname3."
"; // do nothing after capturing first 3 tags records }
foreach ($tagsarray as $tags) {
            $tagid[] = $tags->id;
            $tagname[] = $tags->name;
            $taggroup[] = $tags->group;
$tagid1 = $tagid[0]; $tagname1 = $tagname[0]; $taggroup1 = $taggroup[0];
$tagid2 = $tagid[1]; $tagname2 = $tagname[1]; $taggroup2 = $taggroup[1];
$tagid3 = $tagid[2]; $tagname3 = $tagname[2]; $taggroup3 = $taggroup[2]; 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Kindle Fire HD 6 Wall Paper Change

I downloaded a photo from an e-mail and somehow it ended up as wallpaper. I found the pesky file in /data/system/user/0/wallpaper and deleted it.