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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Android Cube - Work in Progress

A cube consists of 6 equal squares joined at right angles in a three dimensional space where X is the horizontal axis, Y is vertical and Z represents depth.

So in the diagram below where the side of each square is a length of 2, one would define vertices A, B and C in terms of (X, Y, Z) as follows:

A. (-1, +1, -1):
B. (-1, -1, -1);
C. (+1, -1, -1);

Note that every Z value on the front facing square will be -1; the Z values on the rear square will be +1.

Friday, June 6, 2014

ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus

Sony VAIO came into shop with the Windows Vista desktop blocked by a fraudulent screen requesting ransom. Here's what I did to the customer's satisfaction. 
  •  Power on while tapping F8, but no back up to restore
  •  Power on with F2 or F12 for BIOS set up
  •  Change boot order: 1.CD, 2. USB, 3. HD
  •  Power on with hiren boot USB. 
  •  Copied bootmgr from D to C, but still locked out on restart.
  •  Use hiren's Windows mini XP to back up user data.
  •  Power on while tapping F10 and wipe C: to original factory.
  • Advise user not to surf internet as administrator.