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Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Almost Bricked Kindle Fire HD 6 4th Generation

Now that I have successfully corrupted my tablet, e.g. I can't uninstall some apps and I cannot seem to open Google Play.
The only thing that is different is that I now have Linux running in chroot.
My solution is to start over.
Luckily I can still adb recovery boot into TWRP, because I am still on the 4.5.3 version of the software.
First, I download a newer Amazon OS on to the tablet. I found download links on XDA. In fact you can stop reading now and try to follow the XDA instructions.
Anyway here is what I did:
  • Downloaded the Amazon OS file to my PC and renamed it from .bin to .zip (this is done by disabling hide extensions in the file manager).
  • Connect Fire HD 6 to the PC and type "adb reboot recovery".
  • Copy the renamed .zip file to Downloads.
  • Choose install in TWRP and select the .zip file.
  • If all goes well, you will probably end up with the new OS and UI, but no recovery program as TWRP was overwritten.
  • Find and download the 5.2.0_stock_recovery_uboot.zip to your tablet.
  • Find, download and install Flashify. (Google Play version for reference)
  • Start Flashify and flash the stock recovery file.
  • An "adb reboot recovery" revealed that a recovery program is still not available.
  • I choose to skip loading a recovery and root the tablet via KingRoot. Be patient and try several times.
  • Once rooted, you can research your self on how to install a recovery program and Google Play.
  • I opted just to install Google Play.

    Look for my next post, which will likely be called Corrupted the Kindle Fire HD 6 4th Generation (AGAIN!). BTW I am doing all this because I essentially got the new 16 GB tablet for $40 off Amazon.

    Oops, I almost forgot that I need to turn off automatic updates. Here's a how-to on YouTube.

  • Saturday, April 9, 2016

    How I Finally Installed Kali Linux on a Kindle Fire HD 6 4th Generation

    I followed these steps but improvised when needed. Also at some point you will need to know that the default password is "changeme".
  • Linux Deploy
  • Install VNC
  • Kali documentation
  • Tech Worm

    The hard part is navigating around the tiny desktop with a mock mouse cursor. Swipe down from the top to use a keyboard.

  • Wednesday, April 6, 2016

    Part II - Kali Linux on Kinde Fire HD 6

    Okay, there is more to installing Kali Linux than what is listed in yesterday's post.
  • At first, the original Complete Linux Installer apk was not opening the Terminal.
  • I found a Kali Linux installer at Linux on Android.
  • Then I downloaded the Terminal from Google Play.
  • Now after opening the new Complete Linux Installer, the Launch button opened up the terminal.
  • After starting the VNCserver in the Terminal window, I start VNC Viewer from Google Play
  • The default password for the VNCserver is "kalilinux" and the address is "localhost::5900".
  • After connecting, I get a blank screen. Booo!
  • Stay tuned for a resolution or reply with one. Thanks.

    Tuesday, April 5, 2016

    Kali Linux on Kinde Fire HD 6

  • First of all I am doing this with 16 GB internal SD storage.
  • Second, be root user.
  • Third, download the Linux Installer and follow instructions.
  • Finally, make sure you can connect the Kindle Fire to your PC as you may find it easier to navigate to the after market sites for the necessary APKs, e.g. Zip extractor or Root Browser, and then copy the APK to your Kindle Fire and install them.
  • Buena suerte amigos y amigas

    Adding GPS to the Kindle Fire HD 6 inch Tablet

    I purchased the GlobalSat ND-105C Micro USB GPS Receiver from Amazon.
    Then I thought I made a mistake until I did the following.
  • Enabled mock locations under Developer Options in the settings.
  • Checked on install third party apps under Developer Options
  • Downloaded You Are Here from outside Google Play and Amazon market, because it will not show as available for the Kindle Fire (no native GPS).
  • Installed and connected You Are Here to the plugged in USB GPS receiver.
  • Fired up Google Maps and confirmed my current location.
  • Still testing to see if TetherGPS is necessary.

  • I am concerned that the Kindle Fire does not have a USB powered port, but You Are Here is getting coordinates anyway. I just need to see if it's getting coordinates from the GPS dongle. I could use USB OTG apps to analyze the port.