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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Part II - Kali Linux on Kinde Fire HD 6

Okay, there is more to installing Kali Linux than what is listed in yesterday's post.
  • At first, the original Complete Linux Installer apk was not opening the Terminal.
  • I found a Kali Linux installer at Linux on Android.
  • Then I downloaded the Terminal from Google Play.
  • Now after opening the new Complete Linux Installer, the Launch button opened up the terminal.
  • After starting the VNCserver in the Terminal window, I start VNC Viewer from Google Play
  • The default password for the VNCserver is "kalilinux" and the address is "localhost::5900".
  • After connecting, I get a blank screen. Booo!
  • Stay tuned for a resolution or reply with one. Thanks.

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