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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Almost Bricked Kindle Fire HD 6 4th Generation

Now that I have successfully corrupted my tablet, e.g. I can't uninstall some apps and I cannot seem to open Google Play.
The only thing that is different is that I now have Linux running in chroot.
My solution is to start over.
Luckily I can still adb recovery boot into TWRP, because I am still on the 4.5.3 version of the software.
First, I download a newer Amazon OS on to the tablet. I found download links on XDA. In fact you can stop reading now and try to follow the XDA instructions.
Anyway here is what I did:
  • Downloaded the Amazon OS file to my PC and renamed it from .bin to .zip (this is done by disabling hide extensions in the file manager).
  • Connect Fire HD 6 to the PC and type "adb reboot recovery".
  • Copy the renamed .zip file to Downloads.
  • Choose install in TWRP and select the .zip file.
  • If all goes well, you will probably end up with the new OS and UI, but no recovery program as TWRP was overwritten.
  • Find and download the 5.2.0_stock_recovery_uboot.zip to your tablet.
  • Find, download and install Flashify. (Google Play version for reference)
  • Start Flashify and flash the stock recovery file.
  • An "adb reboot recovery" revealed that a recovery program is still not available.
  • I choose to skip loading a recovery and root the tablet via KingRoot. Be patient and try several times.
  • Once rooted, you can research your self on how to install a recovery program and Google Play.
  • I opted just to install Google Play.

    Look for my next post, which will likely be called Corrupted the Kindle Fire HD 6 4th Generation (AGAIN!). BTW I am doing all this because I essentially got the new 16 GB tablet for $40 off Amazon.

    Oops, I almost forgot that I need to turn off automatic updates. Here's a how-to on YouTube.

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