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Friday, August 16, 2013

...Continued, Adventures in Coding Directly on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 Inch

Continued from the August 13, 2013 post.

Welcome back. The previous posts on this subject failed to include a Teminal Emulator app and SQLite3.

Developing on a rooted phone, I have found these tools to be essential as my programs send and receive data to SQLite. The root process is not included here.

From a terminal window command line, I enter the following lines to view SQLite data.

  • su
  • cd data/data/"insert your app package name"/databases
  • ls
  • sqlite3 "insert your database name"
  • .tables
  • While on an SQLite> command line, you can enter the usual "Select" and so forth SQL commands.

    Specific design and coding challenges are forthcoming.

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