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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Free - Play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on Android

These are the steps to download the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK to my rooted Samsung Galaxy tablet 2 - 8 GB - Kit Kat - 16 GB external SD card.

  • First download, install, but DO NOT update the Muzhiwan Market Place app.
  • Open the Muzhiwan app, tab to Big Games, scroll for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and download the 2GB GPK file
  • Move the Grand Theft Auto GPK file to your 16 GB external SD card
  • Download Google Play's Folder Mount.
  • Open the FolderMount app and pair the Muzhiwan app, so that Muzhiwan data will be stored on the external SD card
  • Now click on the downloaded Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GPK file | Open as Zip | Use Muzhiwan | Then accept Install.
  • Once installed (Must have at least 3 GB available on internal SD card), use Folder Mount app to pair Grand Theft Auto APK, which moves the Data and OBB files to your external SD card.
  • In summary, you will essentially download the GPK through Muzhiwan, move the GPK to the SD card and then install from the external SD card. The last step frees up the internal SD card by mounting Grand Theft Auto to the external SD card. Enjoy.

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