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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Amazon Web Services Story - AWS, EC2 and the WIMP

Here are the steps that I took to create an AWS EC2 running Windows IIS, MySQL, PHP (WIMP), .NET, ASP, Visual Studio.

I started by reading the AWS documentation.

Get AWS account and create and Windows Server Instance - Already plenty of on-line documentation.

Connect to the instance through Remote Desktop.

Click the Windows Start icon and locate Server Manager Dashboard to install Windows IIS. - Also plenty of documentation on-line.

This is what you should see as you run through the process:

This is where web files go.

Open a browser from inside the
Remote Desktop Connection
and type localhost in the address bar.

Now in order to download and install programs from the internet, you will
need to turn off Internet Enhanced Security.

Finally, you can download the Microsoft Web Platform
installer and go to town. (Remember to turn Internet Enhanced Security back on.)

One last thing ...You may need to play around with HTTP and port 80 and other such nuances.


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