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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Set up Minecraft Server on Home Computer.

Host a minecraft server on your home computer that is connected to the internet and invite friends to play on your server
through the internet from their own computers.
Executive Summary:
In order to open your computer to the internet, you must first enable port forwarding on the router and then open the port in
in the firewall of the physical computer.
Detailed Steps:
1. Install Java and follow instructions to install.
2. Download the Minecraft server
3. Unzip or install what is downloaded from Minecraft. Remember what directory contains all the files.
4. Open the EULA file and change the line of text to "eula=true". Save file.
5. Open a Windows command line and type ipconfig and note the IPv4 address and the Default Gateway address.
6. Open server.properties in the downloaded Minecraft server directory.
7. Note server-port=25565, you will need this when logging into router.
8. Log into the router by entering the Default Gateway address into your browser.
9. admin, password is usually the login credentials.
10. Navigate to port forwarding and click add Virtual servers/Port Fowarding.
11. Enter 25565 for all port fields and enter the IPv4 address in the IP field.
12. Go back to Windows and locate Windows Defender Firewall.
13. Click Advanced settings.
14. Click Inbound rules | New Rule
15. Select Port, enter 25565, select TCP, allow all connections and save as Minecraft TCP
16. Click Inbound rules | New Rule
17. Select Port, enter 25565, select UDP, allow all connectinos and save as Minecraft UDP
18. Repeat steps 14 - 17 for Outbound rules.
Double click the server executable in the Minecraft Directory.
Get your computer's IP address with Whats My IP
Start the Minecraft client on another computer connected to the internet, select multiplayer, add server and type the either the IPv6 or IPv4 address.
What ever works.
Good luck.

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