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Sunday, December 23, 2012

ChromeOS - Vanilla

As luck would have it, a buddy just finished a legal briefing that took most of the day, forgot to e-mail himself a copy, and now sees a blank screen when he turns on his laptop. The bad luck part of this has to do with me reformatting my ChromeOS bootable USB drive just yesterday, so now we are both staring at a blank screen and the restaurant is too noisy to listen to the hardrive and speakers.

It's now time to revisit Hexxeh and donate to Builds by Hexxeh so I can boot the laptop into Chrome and hopefully find the document.

But of course it could just be that the screen is out, which would require more than a bootable USB.

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  1. If the 4gb USB drive only shows 1GB, go to control panel | System and Security | Administrative Tools | Computer Management | Disk Management.Right click on the USB drive to delete volumes and create a simple volume. One could also use DISKPART from the command line to clean, create and format again.