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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Graff-It and Augmented Reality for the masses

According to the owners, Graff-It and its sister Android app at Google Play will be shutting down before year end. This system placed the power of creating points of interest (POI) markers in the hands and minds of private citizens instead of relying on the "Man". For example, one could use the desktop browser to place a mark (art, photo, image or text) at a location on the world map. Folks within three miles of that location would see that interactive mark as they scan their surroundings through a Graff-It enabled device. This mark would be floating in the sky above the target location like a virtual billboard. As you might have guessed, the Android app and the GPS would allow members to upload marks from an actual location in real time, essentially leaving an interactive "I was here" for other members to see as they travel within three miles of the upload spot. Pair this with real time social networking through the Augmented Reality view and you have the sky as the limit, not to mention one hell of a world wide scavenger hunt. Why the shut down? Don't shoot me as I am just the messenger.

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