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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CSS and Javascript for Pop-Up Window effect

I used this code to effect pop up windows at #SpiderOnFire. The problem is that all the content is loaded at once, but then only displayed upon surfer clicking. function colorin(content) { document.getElementById(content).style.background='#9999ff'; }
function colorout(content, color) { document.getElementById(content).style.background=color; }
function showinfo(content) { document.getElementById(content).style.display='block'; }
function hideinfo(content) { document.getElementById(content).style.display='none';
style> #infopan { display:none; // NOT DISPLAYING upon PAGE LOAD overflow:auto; z-index: 7; position: absolute; top:50px; left:50px; height: 235px; width: 525px; border: 6px solid white; box-shadow: 5px 5px 10px #000000; background-color:#000000; } /style "
" a href="javascript:;" onclick="showinfo('infopan');" onmouseout="colorout('infopan', '#99ccff'); " // onmouseover="colorin('infopan');"> button> Show Info Panel /button /a"
" div id='infopan' Blah...blah...blah /div "

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