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Friday, February 1, 2013

Record Android Screen to PC for Presentation

This instructional assumes that you are a developer who already has the Android SDK installed, has a c:/Java folder with JDK, JRE6 and JRE7, has an Android phone set to debug mode and has an Android to PC USB connector. If you identify with the above characteristics, then all you have to do is the following.
  1. Download great program called Droid@Screen
  2. Save the "droidAtScreen-1.0.1.jar" to a folder like "../Downloads"
  3. Set up your environment variables by clicking [Start], type "Environment" and then click [Edit system environment variables]
  4. Add entries for ANDROID_HOME and ANDROID_SDK_HOME with the paths set to c:/android/platform-tools/. Or set it to wherever the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) program is located.
  5. Open a command line window by clicking [Start] and typing "command"
  6. Navigate to the folder containing droidAtScreen-1.0.1.jar and type: "java -jar droidAtScreen-1.0.1.jar.
  7. Start your Android device with the USB cord plugged in to the PC.
  8. Enjoy the fantastic tool created by Jens Riboe

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