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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bypass a Password Locked PC

Recently, a customer became confused when AT&T was assisting her with resetting a password. Why they were resetting a password is a mystery. But the net result was that my customer could no longer login into her PC with the old password nor the new. She was locked out.
Here is how I helped.
1. Turn on laptop and hit PF2 to access bios set up.
2. Change the boot order to have the USB port at the top.
3. Turn off PC, insert Hiren's boot USB, and then turn on PC.
4. Boot into Windows Mini XP
5. Search programs for a Password program that will create a new Administrative account on the PC.
6. Create the administrative account and turn off the PC.
7. Turn on the PC, log in to the new administrative account and navigate to User Accounts.
8. Select the original user account and remove its password.

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