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Friday, March 11, 2016

XAMPP and Bootstrap

After successfully installing an Apache server on your rig (see previous post), now install some webpage templates via Bootstrap

Here is how I did

At first blush, Bootstrap looks like a directory structure that can be copied into c:/xampp/htdocs (this is where I installed XAMPP). So I just downloaded the source code files, unzipped and moved to the c:/xampp/htdocs directory. Did this work right out of the box? No.
That is because, I copied the standard "Hello World" html from Bootstrap into a file called bs1.html and typed

into the browser.
Viewing source and debugging, I found that certain files in the directory were not found, so I just moved them to where the HTML expected them to be.
Kind of clunky, no?
Yes, so I installed
  • node.js
  • bower
  • and
  • git.
  • To be safe, I navigated to the
    directory before installing.
    Then I ran
    bower install bootstrap
    from inside the
    Now after studying the directory, I found that
    opens up a nice little template.
    How is using Bootstrap any different then just modifying CSS files? I do not yet know. More may be revealed.

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