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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Root Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X90F

One must first downgrade the Android OS to Nougat following the instructions here.
Be patient between steps as there is a slight lag between screen prompts.
  • After downgrading to Nougat through Intel Platform Flash Tool Lite., enable Developer Options by tapping Settings | About | Build Number until Developer options is confirmed.
  • Under Developer Options turn on OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging while turning off Automatic System Updates.
  • Connect Yoga Book to PC with ADB and Fastboot already installed and the environment variables set so that one can open a command line and issue ADB and Fastboot commands.
  • Open the Windows Command Prompt and type "adb devices".
  • If the Yoga Book is listed, then type "adb reboot-bootloader". If the Yoga Book is not listed, you must figure that out on your own.
  • Once the device is showing the boot loader, type in the command prompt "fastboot flashing unlock"
  • If that does not work, then you will likely have to use the adb and fastboot commands that are in the directory c:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools, so open a command line or power shell while in that directory.
  • After a successful unlock and reboot, you will encounter the set up process again. Complete the set up and enable Developer Options again with USB debugging.
  • Now you must download TWRP Recovery image to the same directory as Fastboot.
  • Download all the necessary root files from here aka MMRoot.
  • With the Yoga Book connected to the PC, copy the MMRoot files from the PC to the Downloads directory on the Yoga Book.
  • Open a Windows command line and type "adb reboot-bootloader", then "fastboot boot recovery_twrp.img".
  • Use the TWRP menu to Install 1-Magisk-v7.zip
  • Then Install 2-phh-superuser-magisk-r259.zip
  • Links that helped compile these steps
  • Yoga Book Nougat Stock ROM
    XDA root Yoga Book
    XDA root Yoga Book revised

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